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Good Company

How did you hear about Elton Moss?

We were visiting the Crick Boat show in 2015 and looked around the predecessor to this boat 4 times throughout the weekend and decided that we didn’t need to look again and placed an order.

Why did you decide to go with Elton Moss?

It was down to the design of the boat and the quality of the workmanship. We loved the shades and rounding in the galley which breaks up the rectangular part of it the boat. We then started talking to you and decided that this was the boat for us.

How did you find the buying experience?

It worked perfectly well, we sat down with the build director and went through the options. This gave us an idea of the options and what to change and what to add and what not to have. We went up to their offices in Middlewich and firmed up on the spec and I remember sitting outside the pub with a pint of beer on a sunny day feeling very pleased with myself that I had ordered my new boat.

What were your three reasons for choosing Elton Moss?

Dealing with you – You had an engineer to us within an hour when we need help with the heating.
Design of the boat – Well thought out.
Quality of the build – The quality of the wood work is tremendous.

How did you find your factory visit?

It was helpful to see the boat in build and speak to and meet the staff who have worked on the boat. It also gave us the opportunity to make changes that we wanted. For example we were originally going to have loose furniture in the saloon area, but upon visiting the factory decided that a fixed sofa would be best. It was very valuable to see how the boat was built.

What can you expect from a visit to the factory?

The whole idea is to the see the boat in build, almost completed but it is not too late to change things. For example the linings to the worktops, cupboards in galley and it was good to see the boat in build.

How have you found the after sales service?

It has been good, when we arrived at the Crick show to collect our boat all of the little things that we asked for had been done.

Have you owned a boat before?

We had a 62ft boat before for 10 years, then we had a cruiser on the river in Kent. I’m not sure we really intended having another canal boat but when we came to Crick last year and saw the predecessor to this boat we put down our deposit. We know a bit about it having owned one before, so we know we want, but a lot has changed since we first had our boat which was launched in 1996.

What advice would you give to someone undecided about the boating lifestyle?

We enjoy it immensely, it is instantly relaxing. I had a high pressure job in the city for most of my career and I could feel that standing on the back of the boat with the tiller under my arm I relaxed straight away. It is very comfortable and is a home from home with the facilities and the luxuries that we would like to have at home that we have now got afloat.

Is there anything you wish you had been told before deciding to buy?

It certainly helped having had a boat before, I know they don’t generally tend to go around corners very easily. When we had a boat before we enjoyed it and shared it with another family. When we came here and saw this boat we decided that we wanted to do it again and will now share it with out family.

What is your favourite part of the boat?

We love the bathroom in particular the shower, and the settee is really comfortable along with the rest of the boat. We prefer the semi-trad stern and the reverse layout as they are much more practical with there just been two of us onboard, it keeps you much more together.

What would you say to people worried about having their boat built abroad?

I think you have to take a good look at the details of the boat and appreciate the quality that has gone into it. When I was in the factory I took a little piece of the lining and its so thick. It isn’t just the woodwork, its how it has been put together, and all the other things that go into the build of the boat. I think the quality speaks for itself. I don’t know if you can get oak like this in the UK, but the way they deal with it over there and the skill of the guys who do it, we have no problems with it.

Would you recommend Elton Moss?

Absolutely and we have done already. We have enjoyed dealing with you and we are looking forward to many happy hours on our boat and we love it, we think it is great.

Have you got any other comments?

We appreciate the support, we love the boat and we are happy to recommend Elton Moss to others.