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Elton Moss Boat designs

We’re proud of our boats and our heritage

We offer a superb selection of fully fitted canal boats all built to suit your lifestyle and dreams. Imagine cruising the entire waterways in a quality vessel of distinctive character, with smooth classic lines as the world drifts by in your Elton Moss boat, simply the envy of the cut.

Narrow Boat Designs

We have a superb selection of fully fitted narrowboats including the Kensington, Westminster and Windsor. All of these boats are built to suit your lifestyle and dreams.
In addition to the 3 ranges named above we have also introduced the Westminster SE and the Windsor SE, two high spec boats perfect for live-aboard use, long term cruising or comfortable holidays on the canal.

White Mayfair Wide Beam

Wide Beam Designs

Elton Moss with their specialist skills in building wide beam boats are proud to present ‘The Mayfair Range’.

The Mayfair range meets the demand of those requiring more space than the traditional narrowboat without any compromise, whilst still offering the same excellent quality of craftsmanship that Elton Moss is renowned for and giving the option of your own floating waterside apartment. The Mayfair range includes the option for a bespoke model customised to your needs.

Cat C Eco Kingsley

Dutch Barge Designs

If you want the comfort that a widebeam provides but also the look and feel of a dutch barge then the Kingsley range is for you. With its high bow design, collapsible wheelhouse and the option for fully bespoke models.

A recent edition to our Kingsley range is the eco-Kingsley which uses electric propulsion to move the boat forward rather than the traditional engine to name just one of this boat’s unique features.